Old sites, new sights

June 4th, 2008

On my last day in Edinburgh I decided to photograph the Greyfriar’s graveyard which my bedroom window has overlooked all these years. I have popped in before, but never with a camera handy.
Though of course the gravestones made good subjects, it was the greenness (for want of a better word) of the grass and new leaves, that I was soaking up.

Spring is brilliant isn’t it.

A new start, Greyfriar's Graveyard.

A new start, Greyfriar's Graveyard.

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2 Responses to “Old sites, new sights”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Spring is brilliant, but the way you show this season is even more fabulous.
    I hope all goes well at your new place! xxx

  2. Jem Says:

    Thanks Sharon. It appears to be going well, I’m so happy to be at home. I feel like I’m on a permanent holiday, and having a garden for the first time since I left for university 5 years ago is a real treat.

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