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August in film

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

…and pictures:

Here’s a wee run down of what I’ve been up to in August – illustrated heavily with pics and photos.

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From the set of Tiff’s film (in my house):


Some videos of Tiff doing her thang:

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We were impressed. And more… though I pressed stop just before TIff said ‘Action’ which is annoying:

And after everyone had left:

I ordered some funky glasses from ‘Glasses Direct‘ (thanks to Jennie Albone’s recommendation). They’ll send you 4 pairs of glasses to try on for 10 days – and if you don’t like them you can just send them back!

I decided to get everyone else to try them on too:

My boss, Richard Baxter:

and Georgina Maude:

Suffice to say, I sent them all back, except for one pair which my mum decided to buy – a photo of that another time.

On a lunchtime walk I found this rather fabulous courtyard near my office which seems slightly time-warped. If only could afford one of these gorgeous mews houses:


Here’s another spot from a lunchtime stroll:

And another lunch-based discovery – un-knockoverable glasses at Strada on Baker Street:

Watch the vid here.

Last Saturday I went to a rather fun sports day birthday event in Ravenscourt Park. I was made an honourary member of the Aldensley Awesomes – and we had wicked outfits:

Here’s a photo I didn’t take:
Aldensley Awesomes

Sarah and Steven:

Here’s us on the way to the pub after it had all finished. We lost, but how cool do we look! That’s Mabel, Tiff’s Labradoodle.

And Sarah’s hand, at the pub:

Here’s the rowdy bunch, in their natural habitat:

And me in my natural habitat on a Sunday morning at home:

Or a weekday evening after a day at work:

And Steven a la amazing iPhone application OldBooth :

The beautiful Anna Dina invited me to her Summer party, which was a hotbed of creative performance activity.

Here’s Anna posing:

And dancing:

Vid here

They decided to put up tree houses in Regent’s Park, which is pretty cool:

Regent’s park is full of ducks:

This is my fireplace – quite pretty no?

Flame’s birthday came, and we had a fantastic dinner/cocktail fueled dance-off at Floreditas, which though not cheap was an asbsolute stormer:

I went to the Shunt preview show for ‘Money’, which was awesome. Here’s a video:

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and we bumped into Katie Sanders after – who decided to put on my scooter helmet:

On another evening, Nadine, from work, posed for some photies (lighting by zakazaka):

I quite like this girls shoes – anyone know where they’re from?

Twitter ate my blog (So this is my summary of what I would have been posting)

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Facebook and Twitter seems to have absorbed everything I have to say.

Apparently this constitutes mumblings of no more than 140 characters in length, and some daily photographs with occasional explanatory or locational captions.

So here is the first of what may become a monthly update – a collection of some of my daily iPhotos that facebook absorbs.

First off, a video from my ‘Summer Holiday’ where we tried to sail to France, twice – but the wind was coming from France at great speed – humph.

(If you’re reading this on facebook you’ll need to click this link to view the vid)

And more from that little trip…

Then I played some lacrosse…

Which we won…

and some tennis, which I didn’t…

Then I drove down to east sussex for bug’s birthday in my new car – a Morris Minor Traveller that looks like this – Cool huh?

But mostly I’ve been bumbling about London – enjoying summer and newly embracing the entire concept of a ’social life’ after 7 months of solid lacrosse evenings and weekends – here it is!

That’s Hammersmith Bridge, on my way to see long lost school friend Tiffany Freisberg. This is her in the middle below:

And my good friends Tommy and Tiggy (Hidetomo and Tugela)

Oh, I forgot – I spent a weekend working on a new website for a client (well… sort of client – we’re exchanging services – I’m doing her website, she’s giving me life coaching – pretty neat exchange I think). This is me at my desk:

This is Marylebone where I work, and my lovely summer lunchtime walks.

More London ramblings – detatched feet:

Present shopping – Oliver Bonas Rocks:

Out for my friend Jamie’s birthday do:

These are straws.

Then my pal Liz invited me to her ‘Domestic Burlesque’ exhibition (she was a model)

Oh, they were all taken on my iPhone 3Gs by the way – that phone rocks.

All in all a super month. More please.икони