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Seeing Kafka’s Monkey at the Young Vic, Southbank.

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Seeing Kafka’s Monkey at the Young Vic, Southbank., originally uploaded by Jebaloo.

Kathryn Hunter is a fantastic actor and regular Complicite performer.
She is also my godfather, John Hadjipateras’s sister. I’ve never seen
her perform, but hear that she’s very big on physical theatre, and
judging from the promo video I saw for this on Youtube it seems to fit
the bill.

She’s the ‘monkey’ in the poster, and it’s a one man show.

Im just sitting in the Cut bar now, waiting for my godfather to turn
up. Very excited, haven’t seen him since I was 16!

.tel domains. My brother in the online viral advert!

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

My brother, Will, appears in this advert as one of the lead guys, the one in the suit and with cappuccino foam on his top lip! I think it’s a rather good viral ad. I showed it to my boss and he immediately went and bought a .tel domain for himself! I’ve got too… just incase it takes off.

Oh, and if it does take off and the ad goes international my brother’s pay packet will increase significantly, so we’ve a vested interest really!

You can get your .tel domain by clicking here.

Introducing Wordle… Word Clouds with added creativity.

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Wordle - Word Cloud

Wordle: it’s good to know that I’m ‘definitely‘ feeling definite!

You can paste in some text, or do as I do and create a word cloud from a url.

Nod to Jennie, awesome site!

Jem goes activist: No to bike parking charge in Westminster!

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

I’m definitely not an activist.

I like to think that I know Politics, and I’m pretty sure of where I stand on most things; a good political debate is fine by me, over a glass of wine etc, but I’m definitely not an activist. So I’m slightly hesitant to admit that next Tuesday I will be attending a demonstration for something very un-green. You’d think that after waiting all these years to find a cause that would compel me to campaign for something that it would at least be for starving children in Afghanistan, victims of some terrible natural disaster, or perhaps in aid of breast cancer research – something worthy. But no, after work on tuesday I am off to campaign against a parking charge for motorbikes and scooters, in a very small central borough of London.

Pretty pathetic huh? ;)


It really gets my goat though… scooters are so small and though not totally ‘eco’ are definitely more so than big 4 wheel drives etc. We used to be able to park in designated spots about the city without charge, and now the situation is very complicated and the signs so elusive that I’ve twice been slapped with a £60 fine for not paying without realising that I wasn’t doing so. Apparently they’ve dished out 10,000 of these every month to unsuspecting scooter parking folk. Darn annoying… so off I trot, and you’re welcome to join me. I’ve got space for one on the back of my bike! ;)

No to Bike Parking Fees Website


Junior Scotland Pipers at Loretto

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

Junior Scotland Pipers at Loretto, originally uploaded by Jebaloo.

We’re training at Loretto School this weekend, up in Edinburgh. It’s
lunchtime and spirits are very high as we break from training to watch
the junior Scotland lacrosse team play the junior Wales team. Tiny
little pipers are helping many a rendition of the highland cathedral
an other classic tunes.

Beautiful sunny weekend.

Back at Battersea Track

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Back at Battersea Track, originally uploaded by Jebaloo.

It’s definitely becoming an old friend now! We agonized over what to
do, and ended up going with a 30 minute fartlek, folowed by weights. I
weighed myself and was absolutely aghast to discover I’d put on half a
stone, before I looked down and noticed I was holding a 5kg dumbell!

Sunset over Battersea Bridge

Monday, March 16th, 2009

Sunset over Battersea Bridge

Sunset in Battersea Park – Updated

Monday, March 16th, 2009

Sunset in Battersea Park, originally uploaded by Jebaloo.

Spotted this after parking my scooter in Battersea Park, on my way to
track. Absolute bliss with these newly alive summers evenings in
London. Makes lacrosse training all the more fun.

Just adding an extra shot:

Battersea Bridge

Guest blogging on Lacrosse World Cup website

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

I noticed a few weeks ago that the Lax World Cup website were looking for guest bloggers, and I thought to apply.  I’ve found over the last year or two that I’ve been keeping this blog, that I’ve slipped into a fairly decent rhythm with it.  By which I mean that you, as a reader, probably know what to expect when you come here:  A photo or two and a few lines of text – pretty simple stuff.  I’m not really much of a writer, and I don’t often feel compelled to pen down my thoughts in the way that real writers are drawn to do.  Plus, that’s not really what this blog is about – which is why guest blogging on another site is so perfect.  I can write, or rather, I will l feel compelled to write – and so I will.

Please feel free to cast your eyes over my first blog posting:  Top Secret, and my profile page where all future blog posts will be linked to from: here.

Here’s the first post:

Top Secret


The first thing that came to mind when I thought about being a guest blogger here on the World Cup site is that I must be incredibly careful not to give away any of Lacrosse Scotland’s top secret moves and tactics. Definitely an offense punishable with dismissal! Then it occurred to me that I could do a brilliant job of confusing our opposition by making up fictional moves and mentioning them here to cause total chaos on the pitch! I think, with my sensible hat on (and my knowledge of my complete biological inability to lie with any believability), that I should probably just stick to the facts – but with that in mind, if I do let anything slip you’ll have to be very careful what you read into it – I may well be tricking you!

The phrase, “Life is simple… eat, sleep, play lacrosse.”, is written on the back of some great T-shirts that the Welsh team had made up for fundraising (I’m wearing one in my profile photo). I remember when I bought it I thought, That’s silly – surely it won’t come to that?!” Recently, however, it dawned on me that my life is indeed very simple right now. I go to work, go to the track or the gym (or moreoften both), eat, and then eventually crawl into bed shattered ready to do it all again tomorrow. Every now and again my schedule is punctuated by a game here, a night out (with team mates) there, or perhaps a fitness test just to spice things up. But yes, the T-shirt says it all – and I have to admit that I couldn’t be happier!

A couple of years ago (maybe even less if I’m honest), you wouldn’t have seen me dead in a gym. This wasn’t for want of trying of course, as over the last few years I have joined more gyms than I’ve had hot dinners, but for some reason I have never found myself going more than once to each (for the induction). I always forgave myself by explaining that I was a ‘team person’, “that’s why I do team sports” I’d say, “the gym is too lonely for me “. So, lacrosse was the perfect way to keep fit without having to find the motivation to trek off to the gym every few days to pound the treadmill and lift some weights. I was pretty happy with this solution too – that was until I joined the Scotland squad. Oh no, not going to the gym was no longer an option! So I struggled in silence for a long time, going as often as I could, but never with proper vigour or determination. It was exhausting, and I always felt defeated, but then a wonderful thing happened: something called TEAM.
Me, Flame, and AT this Saturday, after a morning training together out at St. Catherine’s School (nr London)

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that, as it turns out, one doesn’t have to go to the gym alone, and neither does one have to struggle forlorn around a running track with headphones on, desperately battling the urge to just run off home to a hot bath. No! It can be done with a whole group of your most favourite people in the world: your team mates. It’s their supporting “nice work Jem” that makes me run harder, and the desire not to let them down that makes me turn up at the track even through torrential rain! Not forgetting, of course, some healthy competition that has installed in me a bizarre ambition to get to the World Cup and be able to say that I’m the only one not to have missed a single training session since January!

So suddenly I’m a ‘gym person’ – who would have thought that? Having now broken into the echelons of the exercise elite, I now find that on the occasions when I do have to go it alone I don’t mind at all – My entire perspective of solo exercise has been turned on its head, and all of this through the power of my team. I actually look forward to my solitary gym sessions now, and get excited about moving on to heavier weights, or being able to do more reps without absolutely dying! An absolutely brilliant success, and one of many things gained through my experiences with lacrosse that I will take with me for the rest of my life.

I’ve introduced myself briefly in my biography, but I haven’t yet done so for my all important team, Scotland. Today we have released the selection list for the World Cup, and so in case you’ve missed it, here they all are: The Scotland World Cup Team.

I’m so incredibly proud (chuffed to bits actually ;) to be a part of that list, and am particularly happy to be living so near to so many of my team mates which makes the training much more fun and far more fruitful. I hope and know that these friends will stay with me for life, and that this World Cup will connect us as a group for many years into the future.

I look forward to sharing with you the experiences that I have with them, and I hope you’ve enjoyed my first posting here.

Thanks, and keep training!

North v South lacrosse

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

North v South lacrosse, originally uploaded by Jebaloo.

9-6 to North, and they have to play again in the finals tomorrow.
Beautiful day, but sun in as much as out. Looking forward to Scotland
v Ireland Rugby this avo. And Sunday! Can’t wait. X