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Edinburgh to London by train

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

I’m brewing up a project by the same name, and hope to be heading out to have it completed by the summer. It’s going to involve travelling down from Edinburgh to London following the East Coast train line that I have used so many times over the past 5 years, and photographing the route. Very often, on these train journeys, I have found myself looking out of the train window at some stunning landscape or seascape and wishing that I could jump off the train right there and take some photos. Unfortunately that is not the way with trains, so I’ve always ended up getting out my camera phone and shooting through the window:


On my most recent journey to London by train I carried a GPS with me. I marked points on it during the journey that have always interested me over the years, and so I will start with these. I’ll probably have to do the GPS thing a few times though, as it can get pretty hard concentrating on a hanging view for 4 and a half hours. I got bored after Newcastle, and read a book/snoozed for the rest of the way. I’ll get there though!

The roof of Kings Cross station

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

I’ve been down in London for a few days over Easter to see the fam, cats, and galleries. I saw this as I got off the train from Edinburgh at about 5pm on Easter Sunday.

Roof of Kings Cross

New Website Launched!

Friday, March 21st, 2008

celebration balloonsWahay!!! A few weeks in the making, and with a lot of help from my html genius flat-mate Tommy Kaneko (website), and photography critique Donna Maciocia, the new website is born!

If you’ve come directly to this page, then click here to visit the ultra posh new site –

I’ll be keeping the blog as it is for the time being (I’ve got html fatigue), and will obviously be trying to keep up the momentum that’s been gathering recently. I want to thank you all for continuing to visit the site, even over the quiet few months of late.

The new site houses my portfolios, which were the hardest and most time consuming element. Lots of thinking went in to it, and tomorrow I’ll likely change my mind and re-do the whole lot.

That aside, I’m thoroughly chuffed with it, and very excited about the future. I’m getting to grips with a new project at the moment which I will reveal more about later, but need to thank my good friend Jennifer Paton at the Edinburgh Council planning department for giving me lots of knowledge and assistance. More on that next week hopefully.

Please let me know if you find any dead links, or oddities in the new site. I’d also love to hear what you think of it and the new portfolios.

Cheers, and have a super sunny weekend wherever you are.

(p.s I nicked the balloon pic off the web, tis not mine – here)

Covent Garden street photography

Friday, March 21st, 2008

I was inspired by a photo that my dad took of a window display in London a few weeks ago, and so decided to go out and get some cool shots for myself. I was also inspired by the fact that my dad had let me run loose with his brand new Nikon D300 – wow, what a camera!

Street_Covent_Garden_ (6)

Street_Covent_Garden_ (9)

Street_Covent_Garden_ (3)

Street_Covent_Garden_ (4)

There are more, and better, but those are going in my portfolio which should be online, along with a new front page, by tomorrow (fingers crossed).

Kite flying [archive]

Thursday, March 20th, 2008


I’ve been going through my archive to pull out my best shots for my portfolio, so shall be uploading some of those which, though I love, haven’t made the cut.

Birds on a sunny Edinburgh afternoon

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Yes, I said sunny. Can you believe it, Edinburgh is slowly melting its way out of winter’s coat, and the sun is out to play! I saw this beautiful sky on a relaxed Sunday afternoon walk about Grassmarket. Yay to the sun. I think next year I’m going to follow these birds, and migrate south for winter.

birds in the sky

birds in the sky

birds in the sky

All taken on my handbag cam, the Nikon D40 with a 50mm.

New RSS feed

Monday, March 17th, 2008

I’m getting a bit more up to date with my rss feed, and have created a new and improved feed. I’d be very grateful if you could subscribe to this feed instead of the old one:


The Moon, the Castle, and the Night Sky.

Monday, March 17th, 2008

I think that would make a good title for a children’s book. I’ll add that to my to do list, but for now I just took some pics. All with my new 80-200mm lens. They were taken out of my bedroom window without a tripod.



I’m amazed at how much detail can be seen on the moon even without a special lens. I should have used a tripod though – next time!

Scientology protest

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

There have been quite a few of these going on, and the campaign seems to be gathering speed and support. Today there were probably 100 odd folk out nr the Royal Mile in Edinburgh protesting against Scientology.

I believe that the group are called ‘Anonymous’, and wear masks because it is believed that the Scientologists have in the past given protesters grief by tracking them down and hassling them. The group members always cover their faces for this reason.

The protesters were incredibly friendly: some were handing out cupcakes and sausage rolls, and another offered me a bunch of flowers. My flatmate calls this ‘Anarcake’ (anarchy, and cake).

Here are a couple of photos.

Scientology Protest Edinburgh

Scientology Protest Edinburgh

Some more press photography

Friday, March 14th, 2008

I had a pretty productive last day, though it flew by. I started off with some simple portraits before being drafted in to be the page 3 girl for tomorrow’s edition! Seriously, they needed a model for a feature on page three about an old school in Edinburgh being turned into a cafe/bistro, so we collected up a table, some chairs, coffee cups and a cafetiere for a location shoot. We had it all set up on the pavement outside the school, whilst Greg laid down on the road (avoiding the odd car) to take the perfect shot. Shame about the models though. Never thought I’d be a page three girl, so that’s one ambition realised.

Local folk musician Kim Edgar is releasing her debut album, ‘Butterflies and broken glass’ I thoroughly enjoyed this shoot which was with Dan again. I think one of Dan’s went to press eventually, but I’m pretty happy with these.

An ex TT racer is turning 100 this week

Just a few more still to come, and I’ll be sure to scan a copy of the page 3 photo tomorrow!