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Guillemots @ The Liquid Rooms

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

This was the last of my Edinburgh festival gigs for SkinnyFest mag, so thank you to them for getting me into lots of wicked gigs – this one was by far my fave. My only observation would be that the lead singer made almost no contact with the audience (making it pretty hard to get face shot), as he was concentrating so hard on controlling all of the instruments surrounding him. Most of those in the crowd seemed to be nodding their heads appreciatively, but I’m sure it would have made a massive difference had the band been a little more audience aware. Again, the music was incredible, which is of course what it’s all meant to be about. Having been photographing unsigned bands for that long I was under the illusion that these signed acts were a different beast – I’m being regularly disappointed though, Jamie T, and these guys just weren’t as polished as I thought they would be. I think the enthusiasm of unsigned acts makes a big difference, this lot shouldn’t forget that.

The photographers enclosure was very very narrow and the crew had placed an enormous impassable hard-case in the middle of it. Basically this meant that the photographers had to choose which side they wanted to photograph from before the band took to the stage. Totally at a loss after asking the opinion of several members of the audience, I had a word with someone from the crew to find out where lead singer would be performing from for the first three songs. After a little think, I chose my spot. A little worryingly the vast majority of the photographers had chosen the other side, so it was just little me and another female photographer crossing our fingers. My thinking had paid off, and half-way through the second song all of the other photographers had managed to battle their way round the other side and were all now vying for the spot which I was occupying. Being a generous little lass, I gave it up and moved over, I’d already taken plenty of shots by then and wandered off to get some ‘artsy’ angles from elsewhere. Another learner.

Jamie T @ The Liquid Rooms

Monday, August 20th, 2007

I have to admit that I wasn’t blown away by this guy – musically that is. I’m sure his lyrics are what it’s all about, but I couldn’t really pick them out… so all that was left was his stage presence, which seemed pretty unpolished for a pro-signed act (though I’m sure that’s meant to be the attraction). I’m not giving up though, I’ll give his music a proper listen before I do that.

I only got 3 songs again, meh. I’m still getting used to that.

Kanye West @ The Corn Exchange

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

This gig was mad – and a massive learning experience. It’s the first time that I’ve been limited to a certain number of songs in which to photograph. I was told that I’d be let into the photographer’s enclosure at 9pm, and so with PHOTOPASS stuck firmly to my chest I waited patiently. About 45 mins later six or seven 30yr old men turned up, all wearing black and each with at least one camera slung over each shoulder. Some of the lenses were as long as my arm, and me with my one little camera hanging neatly from my neck – well I began to feel a little amateur, I tried to keep my confidence though!

The dj stopped playing and the bouncer opened the gate and let the hoard of photographers, and me, in to the enclosure. All the other photographers seemed to know eachother and were chatting away so I was getting my head screwed on and ready for the next 10 minutes, and warmed myself up by taking some photos of the crowd and the eerily quiet stage. The lights eventually went down and Kanye bounced onto the stage to a great roar, or in my case, to a great rush of shutters firing off. for the next 10 minutes I didn’t take my finger off the shutter release, and barely took my eye away from the viewfinder – to the point where I fell over another photographer at one point!

Exhausted – I’d never changed lenses or memory cards quicker. I’m not overly impressed with the results, but for 3 songs it’s ok I suppose. The positive is that I definitely know how I’d do it differently next time, namely to take 5 steps back and put on a longer lens. It’ll be a while before I can afford one as long as my arm though!

ThreeWeeks Podcasting Galore!

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

So, I’ve been producing podcasts for which is a daily publication whose grand scheme is to cover every single show being performed more than 3 times at the entire Edinburgh festival. My little job is to run around after some well and lesser well-known artists of my (and presenter Alan Jenkins’s) choice, and interview them.

So far I’ve interviewed : Karen Dunbar, Michelle MacManus, Neil and Christine Hamilton, Amanda Palmer from the Dresden Dolls, Josie Long, Hannah Gadsby, The Improverts, The Oxford Imps, Acoustic Edinburgh, Tripod, Andrew Lawrence (though I recorded over part of that one by mistake) and possibly some others that I have forgotten about.

The first few have just gone live today and you can listen to them either by visiting the iTunes Music Store and searching for ‘ThreeWeeks’ – then subscribing to the podcast (mine are the most recent ones though podcasts from last years festival are still available) – You can also click this here image – simple really!

Alternatively, you can visit the following links:

Acoustic Edinburgh
Karen Dunbar
Michelle Macmanus

I’ll post more as and when they go live.

Woo, podcasting is fun.

Amanda Palmer @ the Spiegeltent

Sunday, August 12th, 2007

I’ve been quiet for a while because I’m currently producing a series of podcasts for ThreeWeeks, an Edinburgh Festival publication. I’ve been running about interviewing so many people that I’ve barely had any time to edit them down into podcasts – when they go live I’ll stick a link here. In the meantime I was at the amazing Amanda Palmer’s gig courtesy of festmag – highly recommended, you should all go and see her – I’m going to give her 5 stars if I ever have the opportunity. Here’s a selection of photos from the evening.